Schwarzkopf Silhouette

Schwarzkopf Silhouette

Professional hair styling line known for its sheer, invisible hold, offering a wide range of products that deliver long-lasting results without compromising the hair's natural look and movement.

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Schwarzkopf Silhouette: Professional styling solutions for every occasion

Schwarzkopf Silhouette is a professional hair styling product line known for its pure formulas and effective results. It offers a range of products designed to provide long-lasting, invisible hold while preserving the hair's natural look and movement.

Here are some detailed features of Schwarzkopf Silhouette:

  • Silhouette products are known for their ability to provide a strong hold without making hair sticky or leaving residue. The formulas are designed to hold hair in the desired shape while remaining virtually invisible, leaving hair looking natural and manageable.
  • The line includes a variety of products, including hair sprays, mousses, gels and lacquers. Each product offers specific benefits and hold levels to suit different styling needs and preferences.
  • Silhouette products are designed to last the longest day. They provide lasting hold and control, ideal for special occasions, long work days or any time reliable performance is required.
  • Although they offer strong hold, Silhouette range products also allow for styling flexibility. Users can reshape and restyle their hair while the product is active, allowing for a variety of looks with just one product.
  • Some products in the range contain additional conditioning ingredients that protect the hair and give it extra shine. They are designed to not only hold, but also improve the health and appearance of the hair.
  • As part of the Schwarzkopf Professional portfolio, Silhouette is appreciated by hairdressers and stylists worldwide. The products are salon tested and recognized for their high performance and reliability.

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