Wella Professionals Bestseller

Wella Professionals Bestseller

Experience the fascinating world of first-class hair care from Wella Professionals. Our bestsellers are the most popular products for a reason, because they meet the highest quality standards. In the last two weeks, customers have chosen these Wella Professionals items as their favorites, and they are usually the ones with the most positive reviews. Our Wella Professionals products have already been praised over 7,600 times by satisfied customers in our shop. Dive in and discover for yourself why they are so popular.

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Conditioner und Haarkuren


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5 styling tips for fine hair

A dream: ...the hair gum glides over the shiny plait, the hair opens and falls softly and fully over the whole back. Full, flowing hair, that's what we all want. But what if you are simply not blessed with such a voluminous dream mane?  Don't worry - with a few simple tips even the flattest hair can be pushed or cleverly concealed!

Sports hairstyles: Olympia - The hairstyle holds!

Faster, higher, further! Are you already in Olympic fever? In addition to the sporting highlights, we are particularly excited about the hairstyles of the Olympic women. Already at the last Olympics in London they showed us that for a practical sports hairstyle that can endure anything, the boring ponytail doesn't always have to be used. Because who doesn't know that? You also want to look good in sports. And especially when the training demands a lot of power, the hairstyle should hold. We'll show you here which hairstylings you can use to look just as good in your workout as the Olympians do in their sweaty competitions.