Wella EIMI Styling

Wella EIMI Styling

Styling products to enable a wide range of styling options and looks and to create individual hairstyles.

  • Volume Volume and Control
  • Hairspray Fixation, Control, Hold
  • Texture Structure, Shape, Hold
  • Nutricurls Stylingprodukte, um lockiges und welliges Haar zu definieren, zu pflegen und ihm Feuchtigkeit sowie Sprungkraft zu verleihen, für ein optimales Locken- und Wellenstyling
  • Smooth Smoothing, Suppleness, Shine
  • Shine Brilliance and Intensity

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Wella EIMI is a line of professional styling products. The name "EIMI" stands for "Evoke, Interpret, Mold, Inspire" and reflects the product line's goal of promoting creativity and individual expression when designing hairstyles.

Here is some important information about Wella EIMI:

  • Diverse styling products: The Wella EIMI line includes a wide range of styling products, including hair sprays, styling creams, gels, waxes, pomades, mousses and more. Each product is designed to meet specific styling needs and create different hairstyles.
  • Customizability: EIMI products often offer varying levels of hold and shine, allowing stylists and consumers to select the right products for their individual styling needs.
  • Protection and care: Some products in the EIMI line offer additional benefits such as heat or UV protection to protect the hair during styling while adding shine and care.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Wella EIMI is a brand used by professional hairdressers in salons around the world. The products are characterized by their high quality and performance.

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