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Wella Invigo

Versatile hair care range to care for and manage different hair types and needs, for healthy and beautiful hair.

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71 items

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Wella Invigo is a hair care line to meet the different needs of hair and tackle a wide range of hair problems.

Here are some important facts about Wella Invigo:

  • Diverse product range: The Wella Invigo line includes a wide range of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, conditioning sprays and styling products. Each product in the line has been developed to treat specific hair problems.
  • Adapting to different hair types: Wella Invigo offers products that are tailored to different hair types, including normal hair, dry or damaged hair, color-treated hair, fine hair and more. This allows consumers to find the right care for their individual hair.
  • Special formulas: Wella Invigo products often contain special formulas and ingredients that help to condition, strengthen, hydrate and protect hair. Some products can also target specific hair problems such as breakage, frizz, split ends and scalp issues.
    • Hairdressing quality: Wella Invigo products are designed for professional use in the salon and for use at home. They are often characterized by high-quality ingredients and results.
      • Fragrance variants: Some Wella Invigo products are available in different fragrance variants to provide a pleasant fragrance experience when styling hair.
      • Colour protection: There are also products in the range that are specifically aimed at protecting coloured hair to preserve colour intensity and minimize fading.

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