Wella Invigo Sun

Wella Invigo Sun

Series to protect hair from the damaging effects of sun rays, chlorine and salt water while providing moisture and care.

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Wella Invigo Sun is a range of products to protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun, salt water and chlorinated water and to care for it after sunbathing.

Here are some important facts about Wella Invigo Sun:

  • Sun protection and care: Wella Invigo Sun products are designed to protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun. They can help to protect the hair from UV rays, salt water and chlorinated water.
  • Care products: The product line includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and conditioning sprays, all of which help to nourish and revitalize hair after sun exposure.
  • Ingredients: Wella Invigo Sun products often contain special ingredients such as provitamin B5 and UV filters that help to hydrate and protect the hair.
  • Dryness protection: Wella Invigo Sun products help protect hair from dehydration, frizz and color fade that can be caused by sun exposure and water stress.

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