Wella Nutricurls

Wella Nutricurls

Hair care range to intensively care for and define curly and wavy hair and give it moisture, bounce and definition.

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Wella Nutricurls for curly hair

Wella Nutricurls is an innovative hair care range designed specifically for curly or wavy hair to support the natural beauty and definition of curls. The products in this range contain a special formula that aims to condition, define and tame curls while moisturizing and reducing frizz.

The unique Nutri-Enrich Blend technology provides curly hair with essential nutrients and moisture to strengthen and revitalize curls. The products help to detangle hair, tame frizz and define curls without weighing them down or making them sticky.

The Wella Nutricurls range comprises a variety of products, including shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays and creams that are specially formulated to care for and style curly hair. The products are suitable for different curl types, from slightly wavy to very curly, and offer customized care to keep curly hair looking healthy, defined and beautiful.

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