Wella Nutricurls

Wella Nutricurls

Hair care range to intensively care for and define curly and wavy hair and give it moisture, bounce and definition.

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Wella Nutricurls is a line of products to care for and style curly and wavy hair. This line offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of curly hair and enhance the natural beauty of curls and waves.

Here are some important facts about Wella Nutricurls:

  • Care and definition: Wella Nutricurls products are designed to care for, define and style curly and wavy hair. They help to minimize frizz and tame curls.
  • Products for different curl types: The product line includes various products that are specially tailored to different curl types, from slightly wavy to very curly. This allows people with different curl textures to find the right care for their hair.
  • Ingredients: Wella Nutricurls products often contain ingredients that help to hydrate, nourish and strengthen curly hair, such as jojoba oil, wheat proteins and panthenol.
  • Frizz protection: Some versions of the products offer protection against frizz and help to keep curls defined and shiny all day long.
  • Application: The products can be recommended and used by hairdressers in the salon, but are also suitable for use at home.
  • Styling products: In addition to care products, Wella Nutricurls also offers styling products such as curl mousse, creams and sprays that help to shape and style curls.

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