Wella Blondor Bleachings

Wella Blondor Bleachings

Product line for bleaching and lightening to achieve different shades of blonde.

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Wella Blondor professional bleaching

Wella Blondor is a professional bleaching range known for its outstanding performance and versatility and is valued by hairdressers worldwide.

These bleaching products offer a wide range of lightening options, from gentle lifts to extreme bleaching, allowing hairdressers to achieve almost any blonde result their clients desire. Blondor products are available in a variety of formulations, including powder bleaching, cream base and gel bleaching, to suit different needs and preferences.

What makes Wella Blondor stand out is its advanced formula, which is specifically designed to protect hair during the lightening process while achieving maximum lightening. The products contain nourishing ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5 and Wheat Protein, which help strengthen and nourish hair while lightening it to minimize hair damage.

In addition, Blondor offers high precision and control during the bleaching process, allowing hairdressers to achieve consistent and professional results. The products are easy to use and offer a quick exposure time, making the bleaching process efficient and time-saving.

Whether for highlights, lightening the entire hair or creative bleaching techniques, Wella Blondor offers hairdressers the tools and products to create a variety of blonde looks and offer their customers an individual and tailor-made hair color.

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