CHI Haircare

CHI Haircare

CHI Haircare Bestseller

CHI Keratin Silk Infusion 177ml



€195.99 per 1l
CHI Keratin Silk Infusion 15ml



€368.67 per 1l

The Brand CHI Haircare

CHI Haircare is characterised by its full range of products. The brand has a wide range of products and offers the right effect for every hair type and every need. The founder and company owner Farouk Shami is a hairdresser himself and therefore very close to the needs and wishes of the customers. In the CHI products unique active complexes are used, which care, restructure and regenerate. The products range from shampoo and conditioner to treatments and leave-in care. The hair care products are complemented by a range of styling products. These products are available in the form of cream, gel, spray or wax.