CHI Power Plus Nourish Conditioner 355ml

CHI Power Plus Nourish Conditioner 355ml

Moisturizing conditioner
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CHI POWER PLUS NOURISH CONDITIONER contains plant and herbal extracts to relax and hydrate the scalp. The conditioner moisturizes dry, brittle hair and protects it from UV rays.
Brand CHI
Product Line CHI Power Plus
Product Type Conditioner
Effect Moisture, UV Protection

Usage Information

After shampooing, massage into wet hair, allow to act briefly and rinse thoroughly.

Usage Frequency Daily
Application Time Short
Recommended Use Hair Humidity Wet
Wash out Wash Out After Application
Hair Strength All Hair Strength
Hair Type Dry, Damaged Hair, Colored Hair, Sensitive, Itchy Scalp
Hair Length All Hair Length

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