Beauty Time


Cosmetics - Bestsellers

Many cosmetic products belong to our daily hygiene and beautification program. The basics include shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and creams for the body and face. Most women also attach great importance to a natural and radiant make-up. The facial skin should be even and look fresh and vital. Depending on the occasion, the eyes are simply accentuated with mascara or eyelash line, eye shadow & co. But also the eyebrows should have the perfect shape and color. A touch of rouge conjures freshness into the face and accents are set with the lipstick. However, our skin needs special care before make-up.

Back to natural - look unpainted with make-up

In addition to the current trend of flawless, plastic á la Kardashian make-up, the nude look is and remains THE timeless make-up par excellence. The art is to look make-up without make-up and thus to emphasize your natural and individual side.

Now it may sparkle! Glamorous Eye Make-Up

Now it can be really glamorous and a little glittering! Because the trends can be summed up in a simple formula: Glitter, gold, glitter and glamour, glamour, glamour. With this look, the golden eyeliner gives the Smokey Eyes that special something for the party at the turn of the year - or any other occasion.