Directions 89ml
Directions 89ml
Directions 89ml

Directions 89ml

Colorful hair cream


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  • 00 dark tulip
  • 01 tulip
  • 02 Rose Red
  • 03 poppy red
  • 04 pillarbox red
  • 06 flamingo pink
  • 07 violett
  • 08 Lavender
  • 09 Rubine
  • 10 plum
  • 11 Atlantic Blue
  • 12 Lagoon Blue
  • 13 Turquoise
  • 14 Alpine Green
  • 15 Apple Green
  • 16 Spring Green
  • 17 Bright Daffodil
  • 18 Pastel Pink
  • 20 Midnight Blue
  • 21 Ebony
  • 22 Vermillion Red
  • 23 Flame
  • 26 Silver
  • 29 Tangerine
  • 31 White Toner
  • 32 Neon Blue
  • 33 Lilac
  • 34 Carnation Pink
  • 35 Cerise
  • 36 Apricot
  • 38 Fluorescent Glow
  • Antique Mauve
  • Deep Purple
  • Denim Blue
  • Fluorescent Green
  • Fluorescent Lime
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Neon Red
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Rose
  • Peach
  • Slate
  • Stormy Grey
  • Sunflower
  • Ultra Violet


VAT incl., excl. Shipping
€72.92 per 1l

Delivery time: please choose variant*


High-quality and direct-drawing töning cream for individual and magnificent hair colors. No oxidant necessary.

Toening hair with Directions allows for a customized change in hair color, resulting from the blending of original tone and Directions shade.

  • Almost the entire range of Directions Tönungen is available to the bröne hair, except for the light töne SILVER, LAGOON, YELLOWöNE, SPRING GREEN and WHITE TONER, which are reserved for blond hair. With the mentioned colorsönen can be waived measures to protect the skin.
  • .
  • Directions hair toner is recommended for brittle, damaged or dull hair. The treatment adheres well and balances out structural damage to the hair. The result is either a fashionable or natural shade with a shine and feel comparable to healthy hair. The hair is protected from further damage and drying out until the necessary night.
  • Blonded or gray strands are übertönt. It creates a color-accentuated hairstyle.
  • Blonded but still yellowish hair becomes white blond by means of WHITE TONER. The application time is about 5-20 minutes. It is to be determined during the application on a strand. A significant time excess causes a blue shimmer.
  • Für dark to black hair are PLUM, ROSE RED and other Rottöne, with spröder hair structure also APPLE, ALPINE GREEN, ATLANTIC, MIDNIGHT and NEON BLUE applicable.



For a full head of shoulder length hair, approximately 20-35 ml of Directions hair color will be used.

Hold Property


Dark and red Directions colors last up to 8 hair washes, with the pigments gradually washing out. The adhesion strength increases with regular application.

Tips to improve adhesion

  • Mix 5 litres of water with a dash of lemon juice. First rinse the hair well in it or apply an herbal conditioner (acid conditioner). Then dry and tönen.
  • Prior to lightening. Blondierwäsche or bleaching with subsequent acid rinsing.
  • During the application time: Warm air supply up to 45 C. Cover hair tightly with aluminum foil, cool covered for 15 min; infrared light; aluminum foil + crimper for strähnen. Night or color change is possible within minutes. Ansätze do not arise.


Directions hair color contains neither ammonia nor oxidants and is food safe. Even those with health concerns about hair cosmetics can consider using Directions. To be safe, allergy test in the crook of your arm.


From the range:
Fire - successor Neon Red
Mandarin - successor Fluorescent Orange

Brand Directions
Product Type Hair Tint

Variants of Directions 89ml

Usage Information

Um eine Färbung von Haarpartien zu vermeiden, das Gesicht und den gefährdeten Hautbereich am Haaransatz eincremen. Nun die Directions-Haarfarbe in kleinen Portionen mittels Pinsel sparsam auf das gewaschene, handtuchtrockene Haar auftragen und vom Ansatz zu den Spitzen einkämmen. Die zähflüssige Konsistenz der Tönung verhindert das Abtropfen. Die Einwirkzeit von 15 Minuten kann beliebig überschritten werden. Anschließend das Haar gut durchkämmen, unter fließend Wasser ausspülen. Kunststoff oder andere Gegenstände, auf die Directions versehentlich einwirkt, sofort abwaschen.

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  1. Heidi

    on November 15, 2021

    not verified

    My.oldest child bought this to colour and highlight strands of hair. She has thick brunette hair which has been highlighted so the strands can hold colour. For her the ocean blue and turquoise worked great with application foils and heat. Thank you we would recommend this.product.

    Heidi has Long, , , Hair, Fine, Colored