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Directions 89ml

Directions 89ml

Colorful hair cream



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  • 00 dark tulip
  • 01 tulip
  • 02 Rose Red
  • 03 poppy red
  • 04 pillarbox red
  • 06 flamingo pink
  • 07 violett
  • 08 Lavender
  • 09 Rubine
  • 10 plum
  • 11 Atlantic Blue
  • 12 Lagoon Blue
  • 13 Turquoise
  • 14 Alpine Green
  • 15 Apple Green
  • 16 Spring Green
  • 17 Bright Daffodil
  • 18 Pastel Pink
  • 19 Fire
  • 20 Midnight Blue
  • 21 Ebony
  • 22 Vermillion Red
  • 26 Silver
  • 27 Coral Red
  • 29 Tangerine
  • 31 White Toner
  • 32 Neon Blue
  • 33 Lilac
  • 34 Carnation Pink
  • 35 Cerise
  • 36 Apricot
  • 38 Fluorescent Glow
  • Fluorescent Orange



VAT incl., excl. Shipping
€7.18 per 100ml

Delivery time: please choose variant*


High-quality and direct-drawing toning cream for individual and splendid hair colours. No oxidant necessary.

Tinting the hair with Directions allows you to change the hair color individually by mixing the original shade with the Directions shade.

  • Almost the entire range of Directions colours is available for brownish hair, with the exception of the light colours SILVER, LAGOON, YELLOW, SPRING GREEN and WHITE TONER, which are reserved for blonde hair. With the mentioned colorsönen measures for the protection of the skin can be omitted.
  • Directions Hair Treatment is recommended for brittle, structurally damaged or dull hair. The toner adheres well and balances the structure of the hair. The result is either a fashionable or natural colour tone with a shine and feel comparable to healthy hair. The hair is protected from further damage and drying out until the necessary night-time toning.
  • Bleached or grey streaks are covered over. The result is a colour-accentuated hairstyle.
  • Bleached but still yellowish hair becomes white and blond with WHITE TONER. The application time is about 5-20 minutes. It is to be determined during the application on a strand of hair. Exceeding this time considerably causes a blue shimmer.
  • For dark to black hair PLUM, ROSE RED and other reds are applicable, for brittle hair also APPLE, ALPINE GREEN, ATLANTIC, MIDNIGHT and NEON BLUE.


For a full length shoulder length hair, approx. 20-35 ml of Directions hair colour is used.

adhesion property

Dark and red Directions colors last up to 8 hair lobes, with the pigments gradually washing out. The adhesive strength increases with regular application.

tips to improve the adhesion properties

  • Mix 5 litres of water with a shot of lemon juice. Rinse the hair well or apply a herbal conditioner (acid rinse) before use. Then dry and tumble dry.
  • first a lightening. Bleaching water or bleaching with subsequent acid rinsing.
  • During the exposure time: warm air supply up to 45 C. Cover hair tightly with aluminium foil, cool covered for 15 minutes; infrared light; aluminium foil + crimper for strands. Night tinting or color change can be done within minutes. Seams do not form.


Directions Hair Colour contains neither ammonia nor oxidants and is food safe. Even those who do not tolerate hair cosmetic products for health reasons may consider using Directions. For safety reasons, carry out an allergy test in the crook of your arm.

Brand Directions
Product Type Hair Tint

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Usage Information

To avoid coloration of hair areas, cream the face and the endangered skin area at the hairline. Now apply Directions hair colour in small portions sparingly with a brush to washed, towel-dried hair and comb from the roots to the ends. The viscous consistency of the tint prevents dripping. The application time of 15 minutes can be exceeded at will. Then comb the hair well and rinse under running water. Immediately wash off any plastic or other objects that Directions has accidentally affected.

Our Tip:

To protect your hands, we recommend the use of suitable disposable gloves. If you are allergic to latex, use nitrile gloves.

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