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Directions Haarfarbe
Directions Haarfarbe
Directions Haarfarbe

Directions Haarfarbe

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  • 00 dark tulip
  • 01 tulip
  • 02 Rose Red
  • 03 poppy red
  • 04 pillarbox red
  • 06 flamingo pink
  • 07 violett
  • 08 Lavender
  • 09 Rubine
  • 10 plum
  • 11 Atlantic Blue
  • 12 Lagoon Blue
  • 13 Turquoise
  • 14 Alpine Green
  • 15 Apple Green
  • 16 Spring Green
  • 17 Bright Daffodil
  • 18 Pastel Pink
  • 20 Midnight Blue
  • 21 Ebony
  • 22 Vermillion Red
  • 23 Flame
  • 26 Silver
  • 29 Tangerine
  • 31 White Toner
  • 32 Neon Blue
  • 33 Lilac
  • 34 Carnation Pink
  • 35 Cerise
  • 36 Apricot
  • Antique Mauve
  • Deep Purple
  • Denim Blue
  • Fluorescent Green
  • Fluorescent Lime
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Fluorescent Yellow
  • Neon Red
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Rose
  • Peach
  • Slate
  • Stormy Grey
  • Sunflower
  • Ultra Violet
  • Wisteria


VAT incl., excl. Shipping
€64.90 per 1l

Delivery time: please choose variant*


Directions hair color is a semi-permanent hair color known for its vibrant and diverse shades. Designed to be used on bleached or very light hair, it offers the possibility of coloring your hair in almost any shade of your choice. From bold pink to bright blue to deep purple - with Directions there are no limits to your creativity.

  • Vibrant Colors: Directions offers a wide range of bright and intense colors that can transform your hair into a real statement.
  • Semi-permanent formula: The semi-permanent formula means you can change your hair color after a few weeks if you wish.
  • Gentle care: Directions hair color is ammonia-free and does not contain any harmful chemicals that will damage your hair.
  • Lots of scope for creativity: You can mix and match different colors to create your own unique look.
  • High-quality and direct tinting cream for individual and magnificent hair colors. No oxidant necessary.

Using Directions allows you to customize your hair color by mixing the original shade with the Directions shade.

There are a variety of Directions tints available for brunette hair, offering a wide range of color options. However, the light tones SILVER, LAGOON, YELLOW TONES, SPRING GREEN and WHITE TONER, which were specially developed for blonde hair, are excluded. No additional skin protection measures are required to use these shades.

Directions hair dye is particularly suitable for brittle, structurally damaged or dull hair. The tint adheres well to the hair and compensates for structural damage. This creates a result that offers either a fashionable or natural shade with a shiny and supple finish, comparable to healthy hair.

Another advantage of the Directions hair tint is that it protects the hair from further damage and drying out until the next tint. Blonde or gray strands can be successfully drowned out, creating a color-accentuated hairstyle. Yellowish, bleached hair can be transformed into a radiant white blonde by using WHITE TONER.

The exposure time of the tint is usually between 5 and 20 minutes, although the exact exposure time should be determined during the application process on a strand. Significantly exceeding the exposure time can lead to an undesirable blue cast.

Shades such as PLUM, ROSE RED and other red tones are suitable for dark to black hair. For brittle hair, shades such as APPLE, ALPINE GREEN, ATLANTIC, MIDNIGHT and NEON BLUE can also be used. With Directions, the creative design of hair color can be implemented individually and easily.


For a full coloring of shoulder-length hair, approx. 20-35 ml of Directions hair color will be used.

Adhesive property

Dark and red Directions shades last up to 8 washes, with the pigments gradually washing out. The adhesive strength increases with regular use.

Tips for improving adhesion properties

  • Mix 5 liters of water with a dash of lemon juice. Rinse your hair well beforehand or use a herbal conditioner (acidic rinse). Then dry and tint.
  • First of all, some clarification. Bleaching wash or bleaching followed by acid rinsing.
  • During the reaction time: supply warm air up to 45 C. Cover the hair tightly with aluminum foil, cover and cool for 15 minutes; infrared light; Aluminum foil + crimper for strands. Adding tints or changing colors can be done in minutes. No approaches emerge.


Directions hair color contains no ammonia or oxidizers and is food safe. Even those who cannot tolerate hair cosmetic products for their health can consider using Directions. To be on the safe side, carry out an allergy test in the crook of your arm.


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Brand Directions
Product Type Hair Tint

Variants of Directions Haarfarbe

Usage Information

To avoid coloring hair sections, cream the face and the vulnerable skin area at the hairline. Now apply Directions hair color sparingly in small portions using a brush on washed, towel-dried hair and comb in from the roots to the tips. The viscous consistency of the dye prevents dripping. The application time of 15 minutes can be exceeded as desired. Then comb the hair well, rinse under running water. Plastic or other objects on which Directions accidentally acts, wash off immediately.


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    on November 15, 2021

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    My.oldest child bought this to colour and highlight strands of hair. She has thick brunette hair which has been highlighted so the strands can hold colour. For her the ocean blue and turquoise worked great with application foils and heat. Thank you we would recommend this.product.

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