Heated Rollers

Heated Rollers

Thermal hair styling tools that are heated and then rolled into the hair to gently create curls, waves and volume in a short space of time.

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4 items

The art of volume: heat rollers for beginners and professionals

Heat rollers are hair styling tools that are used to create curls, waves and volume in hair by applying heat to temporarily change the hair texture.

Here are some details about heat rollers:

Structure and design:

  • Curler: Heating rollers are usually cylindrical rollers of different sizes for different curl and wave sizes.
  • Heating base: They come with an electric base on which the rollers are heated before they are inserted into the hair.

How it works:

  • The rollers are heated on the heating base and then rolled into the hair. The heat helps to temporarily change the hair structure and set the desired shape.
  • After a contact time, during which the rollers cool down and the hair takes on the shape, they are removed to reveal curls or waves.

Areas of application:

  • Styling: heat rollers are ideal for creating curls, waves and general volume, regardless of hair type.
  • Volume: They can be used close to the scalp to add volume to the roots of the hair.


  • Versatility: they offer a variety of styling options depending on the size of the rollers and the way they are twisted into the hair.
  • Time efficiency: Once in the hair, they don't require active styling time; you can put them in and do other things while they cool down.
  • Gentler than some tools: Compared to tools like curling irons, the indirect heat from heat rollers can be gentler on hair.

Variants and features:

  • Sizes: There are different sizes for different curl and wave types - smaller for tighter curls and larger for softer waves.
  • Coatings: Some have velvety or ceramic-coated surfaces that help to protect the hair strands and minimize frizz.
  • Ionic technology: More modern variants may offer ionic technology that claims to improve hair texture and provide shinier hair.

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