Trimmers / Clippers

Trimmers / Clippers

For cutting, trimming and styling hair on the head and body, equipped with various attachments and adjustment options for different hair lengths and styles.

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111 items

111 items

Hair clippers for cutting, trimming and shaping

A hair clipper, also known as a hair trimmer or hair clipper, is an electrical device used to cut, trim, and shape hair on the head, face, and body. They are widely used both in professional hair salons and for home use. Here are some important aspects of hair clippers:

How it works: Hair clippers work with sharp blades that move at a short distance from each other and thus cut the hair efficiently. The blades are usually made of stainless steel, ceramic or a titanium alloy.

Various Attachments: Most hair clippers come with a range of attachments or guide combs that allow hair to be cut to different lengths. These attachments are particularly useful for precisely cutting and styling different hairstyles.

Adjustable cutting lengths: Many models offer adjustable blades or an adjustment lever that allows you to adjust the cutting length without changing attachments. This provides additional flexibility when cutting your hair.

Corded and Cordless Options: Hair clippers are available in both corded and cordless versions. Wireless models offer more freedom of movement, but require regular charging.

Motor power: The power of the motor influences how efficiently and quickly hair can be cut. Professional models often have more powerful engines and are designed for continuous use.

Additional Features: Some hair clippers offer additional features such as waterproof designs for easy cleaning, built-in vacuums for hair removal, or special blades for cutting different types of hair.

Care and maintenance: Regular cleaning and oiling of the blades is necessary to maintain cutting performance and extend the life of the machine.

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The BaByliss Professional Clipper FX8700E tested

We have tested the hair clipper FX8700E from BaByliss Professional. This clipper not only makes its clients look good, but is also an absolute eye-catcher itself.