Hair dryers with a hood-shaped cap that provide even heat distribution for gentle drying and effective styling, often used for perms, deep treatments and roller drying.

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3 items

Hood dryers: gentle hair drying

Hood dryers are hair drying appliances that consist of a large hood that is placed over the head and a device that emits warm air to dry the hair evenly.

Here are some features of hood dryers:

Design and function:

  • Hood: The hood is large enough to enclose the entire head and completely cover the hair. It is usually made of hard plastic and can have different sizes to accommodate different head sizes and hair lengths.
  • Heat Source: A built-in motor drives a fan that passes air over a heating element and flows warm air through the hood to dry hair.


  • Drying hoods are often used for deep hair treatments, such as hair treatments and chemical processes (e.g. perms and coloring), as the even heat distribution improves the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • They are also ideal for drying roller hair rollers as they allow even drying over the entire head.


  • Even drying: the drying hood provides more even heat distribution than a handheld hairdryer, which is particularly beneficial for thick or curly hair.
  • Hands-free drying: Users can read, relax or do other tasks while their hair dries.
  • Improved treatment results: The heat helps with better absorption of hair products and can enhance the effects of treatments.

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