Glynt Trijuven Step 3 Emulsion 200ml

Glynt Trijuven Step 3 Emulsion 200ml

Treatment for hair rejuvenation

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The Glynt Trijuven Step 3 Emulsion is a home supplement that, in combination with the Trijuven Step 1 and Step 2, used in the salon, provides a lasting hair rejuvenation effect. The emulsion is especially suitable for weak, dry, damaged and damaged as well as for colored, mature and sun-stressed hair. For supple and easy combed hair.

Chemical treatments, environmental factors and UV light damage and age the hair. The Glyint Trijuven hair rejuvenation therapy, consisting of an essence (Step 1), an emulsion (Step 2) and a complementary emulsion (Step 3) for home use, ensures for a structural recovery of stressed, damaged hair. The 3-step therapy restores the hair to its original state by smoothing and restructuring the outer layer of the hair and stabilizing the inner fiber coat. Penetration of the active ingredients into the hair is made possible by the special anti-aging complex. All in all, the use of Trijuven therapy rejuvenates the hair and returns it to a youthful, untreated condition. For healthy, strengthened, shiny and repaired hair.

Brand Glynt
Product Line Glynt Trijuven
Product Type Hair Treatment
Effect Anti-Aging, Healthy Hair Feeling, Repair, Restore, Shine, Smoothing, Strengthening, Suppleness

Usage Information

Depending on hair length, apply 15-25ml to the washed lengths and tips. For a better distribution, comb through the hair afterwards. Rinse thoroughly after a contact time of 5 minutes.

Usage Frequency Weekly
Recommended Use Hair Humidity Wet
Wash out Wash Out After Application
Hair Strength All Hair Strength
Hair Type Fine, powerless Hair, Dry, Damaged Hair, Damaged, Brittle Hair, Colored Hair, Mature, Grey Hair, Sun-Stressed Hair
Hair Length All Hair Length

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