Frizz describes the situation of the hair when the surrounding hair does not connect with the rest of the hair. Uncontrolled protruding hairs are the typical overall picture of Frizz. An irregular, untidy structure develops. The main causes of Frizz are genetics, hair damage and weather influences such as moisture or dry heating air. Frizz occurs when the dandruff layer of the hair is roughened by external influences and is not closed as with straight hair. Anti-Frizz products treat this problem and ensure that the hair structure becomes smooth again. The hair gains shine, smoothness and a uniform overall appearance. Many anti-frizz products include heat protection that seals and protects the hair. More information about Frizz can also be found in our Beauty Guide.

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565 items

565 items

Bad hair, don't care - 1st help for the hair

You get up in the morning and the hair just doesn't fit. It is stubborn, dull and unmanageable. The hair stands out uncontrollably. A Bad Hair Day - unwanted and unloved. But where does this phenomenon actually come from?

5 tips against Frizz

Outside it is getting colder and summer is giving way to autumn.... The dry heating air and the high humidity outside are unfortunately absolute enemies of our hair: Frizz is pre-programmed. We have 5 effective tips for you, with which frizzy, protruding hair belongs to the past.