Die Abmessungen von Haarscheren werden in Zoll angegeben, wobei ein Zoll etwa 2,54 Zentimeter entspricht. Friseurscheren sind in der Regel zwischen 4,5 und 8 Zoll lang, und die Auswahl der richtigen Scherenlänge hängt von der Handgröße und der bevorzugten Schneidetechnik ab. Für durchschnittlich große Hände empfehlen wir 5 bis 6 Zoll.

Qualitativ hochwertige Haarscheren bestehen aus hartem, rostfreiem Edelstahl, und es gibt verschiedene Griffarten wie den klassischen geraden Griff oder den versetzten Griff, der eine bequemere Schneideposition ermöglicht. Zusätzlich sind extra scharfe Spezialklingen und Mikroverzahnungen für einen präzisen Haarschnitt von Vorteil, und es gibt auch Scheren für Linkshänder, die speziell an die linke Hand angepasst sind.

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High-quality hair scissors for precise cuts

Hair scissors or hairdressing shears are special tools used by hairdressers, hair stylists and hair clippers to cut and shape hair with precision. These scissors are essential for creating different hairstyles and haircuts.

Hair scissors are designed differently to normal scissors. They have two blades, one smooth and one serrated, which are at a specific angle to each other. This design enables precise and even cuts, while the serrated blade is used to grip the hair and prevent it from slipping when cutting.

High-quality hair scissors are often made of stainless steel or alloy steel, which makes them robust and durable. They are also available in different sizes and styles to suit the individual needs of hairdressers.

There are different types of hair scissors designed specifically for different purposes. Here are some of the most common types of hair scissors with a brief description:

  • Hair cutting shears have smooth blades and are used to cut hair to the desired length. They are ideal for straight cuts and basic haircuts.
  • Flossing shears have serrated blades that are used to thin out the hair and add texture to hairstyles. They are often used to make thick hair easier to style.
  • Styling shears have special blade shapes and sizes for cutting complex hairstyles and creating details in hair styling.
  • Beard scissors are smaller and often have thinner blades. They are specially designed for cutting and shaping facial hair, such as beards and moustaches.
  • Left-handed scissors are mirror-inverted and specially developed for hairdressers who cut with their left hand.
  • Razor or thinning shears have special blades designed to gently thin the hair to create smoother transitions between hairs. They are often used for thinning thick hair.

The dimensions of hair scissors are given in inches and refer to the total length of the scissors from the tip to the end of the handles, not including any finger hooks in this measurement. One inch is roughly equivalent to 2.54 centimeters. Most hairdressing scissors range in size from 4.5 to 8 inches. The right scissor length depends on the size of the hand and the preferred cutting technique. Average-sized hands typically choose scissors 5 to 6 inches in length, although some prefer smaller scissors for a better feel due to their preference for detail work or quick cutting. In larger hands, however, 6 or 7 inch models feel more comfortable in the long run and are better suited for cutting over the comb.

The quality of hairdressing scissors is closely linked to their material, and high-quality scissors are made of hard, stainless steel. There are scissors with a classic straight handle and offset scissors with an offset handle that allow a relaxed cutting position. Extra-sharp special blades are an advantage for optimal haircuts, and the scissors should ideally have micro-serration to prevent the strands of hair from slipping. For left-handers, there are specially adapted scissors designed for the left hand.

Using them requires skill to create straight cuts, layers, thinning and other hairstyles. The correct position, angle and pressure are crucial for precise results and avoiding hair damage.

Some of the best known manufacturers of hair cutting scissors are:

  • Jaguar Solingen: This German company manufactures a wide range of hairdressing scissors and is known worldwide for its quality and precision.
  • Tondeo: Tondeo is a German manufacturer of hairdressing scissors that is appreciated for its innovative scissor models and quality products.
  • Joewell: Joewell is a Japanese manufacturer known for its handcrafted scissors made of high-quality steel and has a loyal following among hairdressers.

Hair scissors need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them sharp and efficient. This includes oiling the joints, cleaning the blades and occasional sharpening by a professional scissor sharpener.

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