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1035 items

Our daily hairstyling couldn't be more different. Short hair is usually shaped with hair gel, hair paste, hair wax or pomade. Longer hair is styled with a hairdryer or straightening iron, depending on your mood. But also the condition of the hair is decisive for hair styling. Curly hair can be defined with hair mousse, hair mousse or anti-frizz products, straight hair can be kept in the desired shape with hair spray.

Products for hair styling contain not only straightening, defining and shape-retaining ingredients and properties, but also caring substances, because the hair is often heavily stressed by external influences. To prevent the hair from drying out, many hair styling products provide moisture and important nutrients so that the hair shines beautifully and looks healthy.

The requirements for hair styling products could not be more different. Do you want to give your short hair a shiny look or do you prefer matte styles that stay flexible and look a little out of bed? Hair gel usually creates a shiny look, which is strongly held in shape and has little flexibility. Pomade, hair paste or hair wax is rather matt and the look is defined without appearing too stiff.

For fine, thin hair, a light hair mousse or mousse is suitable. This gives the hair plenty of body and volume without weighing it down. In addition, hair mousse provides a long-lasting hold without the hairstyle immediately collapsing again. With hair spray you can fix the desired hairstyle. Hairspray is usually easy to brush out again.

Hair lacquer provides an extremely firm hold and is often used for updoing. Curly hair is naturally drier in its texture and also needs a lot of moisture when styling. Therefore you should always use products that are especially suitable for curly hair.

So-called anti-frizz products are suitable for curly hair that always does what it wants. These products provide the hair with moisture and straightening ingredients. The hair is sealed with the hair styling and rain or moist air can no longer harm the hairstyle as much.

Looking for the best styling products for the most beautiful day of your life? No problem! Discover the perfect styling companions for your wedding that will give your wedding hairstyle long hold, the right shape and the finishing touch. Be inspired by our large selection of hairdresser-exclusive hair styling products and enjoy the wedding celebration with a great hair feeling.

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