Hercules Sägemann Haarschneidekamm
Hercules Sägemann Haarschneidekamm
Hercules Sägemann Haarschneidekamm

Hercules Sägemann Haarschneidekamm

hair cutting comb
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7", coarse and fine teeth, round back.

The original Sawmann working combs are shapely, elastic and have a constantly consistent quality!

  • absolutely hair and scalp friendly
  • hand-finished, highly polished and glide gently easily through the hair
  • technically high-quality sawed and finely ground teeth
  • heat-resistant surface guarantees hygiene
  • resistant to all hair treatment and care products

Plastic combs are cast in one step into their final shape. The quality and characteristics of a comb are determined by the quality of the molding tool and the plastic used. All Triumph brand plastic combs are manufactured in high-quality molding tools and are therefore free of coarse, hair-damaging burrs. The polycarbonate and polyoximethylene (POM) plastics used perfectly serve the requirements of the price-conscious hairdresser for a high-quality tool. The polycarbonate used is exceptionally impact resistant. In a nutshell: combs made of polycarbonate are almost impossible to break. The plastic used for the needle handle combs, polyoximethylene (abbreviated to POM), is also characterized by excellent spring properties. Both materials are characterized by optimum dimensional stability and excellent resistance to most chemicals encountered in everyday hairdressing.

Brand Hercules Sägemann
Product Type Comb
Comb Types Haircutting Comb

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