Kérastase Resistance

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Kérastase Résistance Series

The products from Kérastase Résistance are developed to strengthen, rebuild and repair your hair. The Résistance Serie offers care whether you only have damaged hair and need a little bit of support in terms of moisture and structure balance or if you have hair that is severely damaged or very badly damaged by colorants, too much heat or chemical treatments. For the former problem, the Force series is ideal due to it transforms damaged hair into stronger, healthier hair. For a new structure of the damaged hair fibers, repair and regeneration, the Thérapiste products perform wonders for fine as well as thick and porous hair.

Kérastase Résistance Highlights

There is a good reason why Kérastase Résistance products are among the best-selling and most popular as they not only promise a lot, but also keep their promise. Our bestsellers are, for example, the Ciment Thermique , a thermo-active blow-dry care that produces visible results from the first use and the Bain Thérapiste , which even during shampooing fills the need of the hair fiber and increases the resilience of every single hair. With the revolutionary Thérapiste products even extremely damaged hair can be repaired and built up again.