Kérastase Volumifique

Kérastase Volumifique Products

Fine, sensitive hair tends to flatten quickly without volume. The diameter of the hair is significantly lower than normal to thick hair. For example, a single fine hair measures just 0.04 millimeters, whereas thick hair begins at 0.08 millimeters. It's no wonder that fine hair types often want a bit more volume on their head ... With the Kérastase Volumifique series, this is no longer a problem. See for yourself!

Kérastase Volumifique Highlights

The products Volumifique from Kérastase provide, in addition to fullness and long-term volume, also grip and vitality. The hair is loose and airy and does not feel unruly or heavy. Thanks to + Intra-Cylane the hair structure is built up to give the hair more density and volume.

The Volumifique Bain Volume  cleanses hair very gently and strengthens it from the inside. With Volumifique Gelée Volume , the cuticle layer softens and the natural shine is supported. For a perfect style, you should not miss the Volumifique Mousse Volume  or the Volumifique Spray Volume . Both products provide an extra dose of fullness and volume that will last for a long time.