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Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Set incl. Free Hair Spray

Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Set incl. Free Hair Spray

Care set for dry, needy hair

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The set consists of:

1x Hydrate-Me Wash 250ml
The hydrrate-me.wash by Kevin Murphy is a shampoo with moisture depot system for dry, needy hair. The ingredients provide moisture and seal it in the hair. Cracks in the hair surface are filled up, which smoothes the hair. The plum from the Australian rainforest, which has the highest vitamin C content of fruits, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. Hydrolysed silk extracts smooth the hair surface and seal the hair to prevent moisture from escaping. The effect is immediately visible: smooth, silky and shiny hair with a lot of luminosity. Free of parabens and sulfates.

1x Hydrate-Me Rinse 250ml
The hydrrate-me.rinse by Kevin Murphy is a moisturizing hair conditioner system for dry, hair-requiring hair that contains microalgae that are high in phytochemicals. These give the hair a healthy look. Extracts of colloidal silver create a mirror-like shine. Evening primrose oil soaks the hair with moisture and gives the hair new luminosity. Paraben.

1x Session Spray Mini 50ml
The session.spray by Kevin Murphy is a finishing spray with a strong, long-lasting hold for all hair types that does not weight down. It contains hydrolyzed wheat proteins, natural scented oils and a UV filter for color protection. Firming styling resins provide intense hold and storage. They withstand high humidity perfectly and are easy to brush out. By the way: for every can sold, a financial contribution is made to reduce global carbon emissions.

Brand Kevin Murphy
Product Line Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me
Characteristics recycling packaging, without Animal Testing, without Parabens, without Sulfates

Kevin Murphy

Alle Produkte von KEVIN.MURPHY sind frei von Sulfaten sowie Parabenen und werden nicht an Tieren getestet.

KEVIN.MURPHY hat sich aufgrund seiner Unternehmenswerte, die sich der Umwelt verpflichten, dazu entschieden auf die Produktversiegelung zu verzichten.
Das Thema Abfallvermeidung liegt dem Unternehmen sehr am Herzen, von daher wird KEVIN.MURPHY ab ca. Mitte 2019 seine Verpackungen aus recyceltem Kunststoff der Ozeane herstellen lassen.

Usage Information

Wash: Massage into wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.

Rinse: Massage into wet hair, leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Spray: Spray the finished styling from a distance of approx. 20 cm.

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  1. Trinidad

    on September 17, 2019


    Excellent brand. A little high in its price, however is the only one fixing my dry-oily mess.

    Trinidad has Shoulder-Length, , Hair, Thick

    2 persons found this review helpful

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