Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse 500ml

Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse 500ml

Thickening conditioner for thinning hair
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The Plumping Rinse is a thickening conditioner for thinning hair that nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp. It thickens and strengthens hair to prevent hair loss.
With oleanolic acid, parsley and lotus extract. Without parabens, sulfates and animal testing.

Parsley extract contains a concentrated amount of apigenin, which intensifies blood flow to the scalp and promotes healthy, strong hair. It stimulates hair growth while at the same time extending the growth phase.

Oleanolic acid from the Lovely Hemsleya root counteracts the aging of the follicles by strengthening the hair roots. It has antioxidant properties that are beneficial to the hair and make it stronger. The anti-inflammatory properties help mitigate and prevent damage caused by the DHT.

Lotus flower extract is a soothing, moisturizing agent that leaves hair soft and supple. The extract regenerates, heals and refines the hair structure with a balancing effect.

The Plumping series uses eyelash thickening technology and a complex of tripeptides, plant extracts and oleanolic acid from the Lovely Hemsleya root. The goal is to lengthen the anagen phase (growth phase). As a result, the rest and transition phase of the hair is shortened. The result: more anagen hair, which leads to thicker, fuller hair.

Brand Kevin Murphy
Product Line Kevin Murphy Plumping
Product Type Conditioner
Effect Stimulation / Vitalization, Strengthening
Characteristics recycling packaging, without Animal Testing, without Parabens, without Sulfates
Pump included

Kevin Murphy

Alle Produkte von KEVIN.MURPHY sind frei von Sulfaten sowie Parabenen und werden nicht an Tieren getestet.

KEVIN.MURPHY hat sich aufgrund seiner Unternehmenswerte, die sich der Umwelt verpflichten, dazu entschieden auf die Produktversiegelung zu verzichten.
Das Thema Abfallvermeidung liegt dem Unternehmen sehr am Herzen, von daher wird KEVIN.MURPHY ab ca. Mitte 2019 seine Verpackungen aus recyceltem Kunststoff der Ozeane herstellen lassen.

Usage Information

Massage into wet hair, leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Hair Strength Normal Hair, Fine Hair, Thick Hair
Hair Type Thinning Hair, Hair Loss

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