Maria Nila

Maria Nila

The Maria Nila brand

Maria Nila comes from Sweden, where the brand is already very popular and well-known, and is also produced there - and only there. In the city of Helsingborg, Maria Nila runs the product development, production, bottling and warehouse completely independently, from where the environmentally friendly goods are shipped all over the world. They are thus able to accompany the products from development to production and dispatch, in order to maintain the high quality standards at all times. But not only that, healthy working conditions for its employees are also important to the company. For example, the employees have a fully equipped fitness center at their disposal. In addition, a 64 square meter plant wall ensures very good air quality inside the building.

The company Maria Nila convinces with an extensive, 100% vegan assortment. This means that there are no ingredients of animal origin in the products. In addition, the products are not tested on animals during the entire development and production process, which is confirmed by certificates from The Vegan Society, PETA and Leaping Bunny. But Maria Nila is also committed to the environment. The company opened its new facility in 2018. A factory where sustainable production was a key factor in its development. Solar panels on the roof produce the energy of 60 households. An air condensation system ensures optimal use of the resources invested. This means that less energy is required and emissions are produced than ever before.

The product packaging is also produced sustainably. For example, the Eco Therapy Revive series is made of 100% plastic, which was collected and recycled as waste from the oceans. Maria Nila also participates in world-improving charity campaigns. For example, they supported the Perfect World Foundation in its "Save the Ocean" campaign and, in partnership with Plan Vivo, they reforest forests around the world in order to contribute to a positive climate.

Maria Nila tested

The hair care products of the Swedish brand Maria Nila are 100% vegan, free of animal testing and produced in a particularly sustainable way. We took a closer look at the products and tried them out. Our results can be found in our beauty blog.