Nook Magic Arganoil Secret Shampoo 250ml

Nook Magic Arganoil Secret Shampoo 250ml

Silky shine shampoo for dry and stressed hair
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MAGIC ARGANOIL SECRET SHAMPOO from Nook has valuable, nourishing, constructive and vitalising properties. With certified organic argan oil, macadamia oil and keratin. It cleanses mildly and provides moisture. The hair gets a silky shine.
Brand Nook
Product Line Nook Magic Arganoil
Product Type Shampoo
Effect Moisture, Restore, Shine, Stimulation / Vitalization, Suppleness
Active Ingredients Argan oil
Characteristics with Keratin, without Parabens, without Sulfates

Usage Information

Apply evenly to wet hair and massage in. Then rinse thoroughly.

Usage Frequency Daily
Application Time Short
Recommended Use Hair Humidity Wet
Hair Strength All Hair Strength
Hair Type Dry, Damaged Hair
Hair Length All Hair Length

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