Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone Curling Iron

Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone Curling Iron

Curling iron for natural curls


The curling iron Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone by Paul Mitchell has a tapered heating element with a diameter of 3,17cm. This makes it ideal for natural-looking curls. The extra long IsoTherm curling iron is made of titanium and heats up to 230 ° C within 60 seconds. The temperature setting is programmable and an automatic shutdown function is also available. The tip stays cool during use to facilitate styling. The power cord is 2.7m long. The Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone Curling Iron comes with a protective glove.

Brand Paul Mitchell
Product Line Paul Mitchell Neuro Tools
Product Type Curling Iron

Usage Information

Usage Frequency As needed
Recommended Use Hair Humidity Dry
Hair Length Chin-Length Hair, Medium-Length Hair, Shoulder-Length Hair, Long Hair

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