Paul Mitchell Kids

The Kids products by Paul Mitchell

Hair washing is goofy! Many parents know the problem: Once the child is in the tub, it does not take long and the screaming starts ... Hair washing does not have to be so unpleasant if the foam does not hurt the eyes. The hair routine is no longer a nuisance with the products from the series Kids by Paul Mitchell. When shampooing, massage your child's scalp very gently and make it a little moment of relaxation and you will give to your child a nice bath keeping tears away.

Paul Mitchell Kids Highlights

The Paul Mitchell Kids Baby Don't Cry Shampoo  is particularly mild with pH-neutral ingredients to wash even the finest hair. The natural moisture remains in balance. Coneflower extracts and chamomile soothe the sensitive scalp. Since the baby Don't Cry Shampoo does not burn the eyes, nothing stands on the way of a relaxed hair wash. If your child has hair that likes to knot, you can then spray the Paul Mitchell Kids Taming Spray  into your child's hair. The light spray conditioner smells pleasantly fresh and makes combing much easier. Also it is ideally suited to tame the ruffled children's hair in between times after windy weather.