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With natural extracts and exotic ingredients, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree The Experience turns your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. The power of tea tree oil and other valuable active ingredients gives your hair the care it needs to radiate healthy and strong. With the Tea Tree The Experience brand, Paul Mitchell supports the environmental organization, Reforest'Action, thereby advocating, among other things for the preservation of the rainforest.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree The Experience Highlights

The care series Tea Tree calms and invigorates the scalp and ensures vitalized hair. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage for fine to normal hair strengthens hair structure and gives it more volume. Lavender Mint provides moisturizing products for normal to dry, unruly hair. The contained lavender extracts additionally relax the scalp. The Scalp Care series takes care of thinning hair, strengthens and regenerates it and makes it look fuller.