Your (true) opinion is important to us!

Feedback from our customers has always been important to us. On the one hand, it helps other shoppers with their product research, and on the other hand, it helps us to design our product range. Since all employees at are passionate online shoppers themselves, we know from our own experience how helpful good reviews are. But of course we also know how misleading and annoying artificial, bought reviews are.

We would like to explain on this page how the many reviews on our platform come about and what measures we take for quality assurance.

Where do all the ratings come from?

Real purchases: We ask our buyers a few weeks after delivery of the products by e-mail to rate the products. In addition, all purchased items can be conveniently rated via a link in the customer account.

Bonus program: Those who participate in our bonus program receive bonus points for rating products. This is always independent of whether the evaluation was favorable or critical of the product. More points are only awarded for a more detailed and differentiated evaluation. The bonus program works exclusively on previously purchased products.

Product tests: As part of our product tester program, customers are sent products free of charge for testing and subsequent evaluation. A previous purchase of the product is not required here. However, it is ensured that the product has actually been sent. Only active customers of our store are eligible for product tests. Product test reviews are marked as such.

Reviews from guests: In our store, guests may also rate products. In these cases it is technically not possible for us to assign a previous purchase due to the data situation. This form of evaluation is in the minority.

How can I tell the type of evaluation?

Basically, we distinguish between "verified" and "not verified" reviews when displaying product ratings.

Verified reviews are those with guaranteed purchase in advance (see above "real purchases" and bonus program) as well as in the context of our product tester program. The latter are additionally marked as "product test".

One not verified review comes from a guest customer. Here, we cannot clearly prove that the product was also purchased from us in advance.

What other quality checks are there?

Each of our approx. 50,000 product reviews was manually checked before publication. We watch out for insults, hate speech and inappropriate language here. Reviews are not adjusted by us, so no parts are removed or added.

In only two points we reserve the right to adjust reviews and subsequently publish them:

1. If a full name was given, we shorten it to the first name (anonymization).
2. We reserve the right to translate reviews manually or automatically into other languages.

We strive to exclude accidentally or deliberately duplicate or multiple reviews. However, since this is a manual review, errors can never be completely excluded.

What can I do as a buyer?

When shopping online, pay attention to the seriousness of the store and the product ratings. From 28.05.2022, every online store is obliged to explain how the ratings come about (see above).

In the interest of all, rate your purchased products, at best with a customer account as a verified purchase. Be detailed, factual and constructive for all parties.

Should you encounter an inappropriate rating in our store, we are extremely grateful for a hint to our customer service.

Enjoy shopping!