Redken Cerafill Retaliate Stemoxydine 90ml

Redken Cerafill Retaliate Stemoxydine 90ml

Scalp serum for hair thickening

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The Cerafill Retaliate Stemoxydine is a serum for hair thickening. The hair looks visibly thicker and covers the scalp significantly more after 3 months. Use daily.

- Non-pathological hair loss is moderately to severe.
- Scalp is visibly lighter despite styling
- The hair falls out more easily when brushing, and more and more hair accumulates on the head pillow and towels.

Brand Redken
Product Line Redken Cerafill
Product Type Leave-In Care
Effect Stimulation / Vitalization, Strengthening, Volume
Texture Liquid

Usage Information

Can be used on dry or damp hair. Apply daily on the scalp, especially on the hair roots. Divide the hair into 8 sections with the focus on hairline and affected areas. Place the pipette directly on the hair root and scalp to apply a complete pipette of the serum per section. Gently massage into the entire scalp.

Usage Frequency Daily
Recommended Use Hair Humidity Dry, Towel Dry
Wash out Leave In After Application
Hair Strength All Hair Strength
Hair Type Thinning Hair, Hair Loss
Hair Length All Hair Length

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