Redken Extreme

Redken Extreme - the Solution for damaged Hair

Highlights, bleaches, hairdryers, flat irons, environmental influences and and and and... All these things can really mess up your hair and damage it. Your hair can split or break off. The natural shine is lost, the hair feels strawy, weak and unhealthy. But there is still a chance! Breathe new life into your hair with the Redken Extreme series and enjoy quick results that you can not only see but also feel.

Redken Extreme has always been one of Redken's most successful product lines. As the experiences of customers show, there are almost exclusively positive results. Whether you use the products permanently or in combination with another product line, Redken Extreme always successfully repairs damaged, damaged and brittle hair.
Did you know that Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner is also available as Nature + Science? This sustainable version contains almost exclusively natural ingredients and uses 100% recycled packaging plastic.

Product Highlights from Redken Extreme

The basis of Redken Extreme is the shampoo and conditioner, which supplies the hair with important proteins through the contained RCT-complex. Additional care products such as Extreme Cat or Anti Snap provide even more strengthening and repair. With the Length Sealer you get maximum resistance from the root to the tips to support hair growth. The hair is intensively cared for and sealed with a formula of special vitamins and proteins. This means that the natural hair breakage limit can be overcome and the hair can grow up to 15cm longer per year. For a particularly intensive repair and best possible build-up, all 3-5 hair washes of Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus should be used as a hair treatment.

The Redken RCT Complex works in exactly the right place: each part of the hair is provided with a different protein. RCT Complex, which stands for: R = Root, C = Core, T = Tip and nourishes the hair from the root to the middle to the tip. The hairline gets strength and structure through soy protein, the middle section receives intensive care through arginine and the tips are repaired with sepicap proteins.

The RCT-complex unfolds its effect particularly well when the Extreme Shampoo is used in combination with the Redken Extreme Megamask or the Extreme Conditioner. After using the shampoo in the first step, you can choose between mask and conditioner in the second step. While you should use the conditioner every time you wash your hair, the Mega Mask bridges the care until the third wash.

New: Nature + Science - the Redken Revolution

In May 2019, Redken is coming up with a small revolution within the brand. Well-known bestsellers in an unprecedented variant with - for Redken - unusual ingredients and a special packaging.