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Redken High Rise Volume & Beach Envy Volume


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Redken High Rise Volume & Beach Envy Volume Series

Get the volume you need! You like Big Hair à la Hollywood with glamorous, shiny hair? Then the Redken High Rise Volume products are just right for you. Or do you rather like the uncomplicated, stylish beach look, which in addition to fullness and texture also brings a lot of movement into your hair? In this case, you should opt for Redken Beach Envy Volume, so your hair looks like a day at the beach.

Redken High Rise Volume & Beach Envy Volume Highlights

Redken's High Rise Volume Series includes a volumizing shampoo, a detangling conditioner and a feather-light gel cream, the High Rise Volume Duo Volumizer, which adds even more fullness. Used in combination, you achieve the highest possible volume with a silky, glossy finish. The formula with filloxanes and nourishing polymers supports your hair and makes it appear much fuller and more brilliant.

The Beach Envy Volume Shampoo has a gel lotion formula that gently cleanses your hair without weighing it down. The accompanying mineral-based conditioner immediately untangles hair and gives it a light texture. The Redken Series is completed with the Beach Envy Wave Aid, which provides loose, voluminous beach waves that feel grippy, yet supple. The Beach Envy Volume products are of course salt-free.