Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Blond Super Plus 450g

Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Blond Super Plus 450g

Dust-free powder
VAT incl., Free Shipping (Germany)
€110.22 per 1l


IGORA VARIO BLOND SUPER PLUS bleaching powder - for up to 8 levels of lightening and precise neutralization. The integrated fiber bond technology strengthens the fiber connections in the hair fiber. Clearest blonde results thanks to the anti-yellowing effect.
For use with the IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer (3% / 6% / 9%)
* 9% only for use without scalp contact

Brand Schwarzkopf Professional
Product Type Bleaching

Usage Information

MIXTURE: Mix 35 g BLUE DUST-FREE BLONDING POWDER with 70 ml (1: 2) IGORA Oil Developer 3%, 6% or 9% until a smooth cream is obtained.

APPLICATION: Apply immediately after mixing. The best possible color balance is obtained by evenly distributing a sufficient amount of the product. Apply carefully and evenly in thin sections to dry, unwashed hair, starting in the neck area.

APPLICATION TIME: Depending on the texture, developer used and the desired result, leave to act for 20-45 minutes. The exposure time must not be shortened with the aid of artificial heat using a steamer or a drying hood.

RINSE: After processing, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Wash the hair with the FIBREPLEX shampoo and apply FIBREPLEX No. 2 maintain.

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