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248 items

weDo Professional - Skin and hair care for a sustainable lifestyle

Vegan, natural and without animal testing are the care products of weDo Professional. For skin and hair, the enthusiastic team of scientists, hair experts and environmental activists have developed products that not only provide great care, but are also created as sustainable as possible. In this way, we not only do something good for ourselves, but also for our environment. In our blog we have tested some of the products.

Maria Nila tested

The hair care products of the Swedish brand Maria Nila are 100% vegan, free of animal testing and produced in a particularly sustainable way. We took a closer look at the products and tried them out. Our results can be found in our beauty blog.

Vegan - a lifestyle conquers the bathroom

A vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, and not only in terms of our nutrition. In our blog you can learn more about vegan skin care products and how they can be recognized in the jungle of offered products.

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